1. Sort of registrations or records. Please, describe your LR system criteria regarding the type of registration applied.

The registration sheet is loosely based on A-B-C taxonomy without any copies of documents. More precisely the structure of a folio consists of four parts in which information regarding the following is entered:

  • information about an immovable property
  • the owner of an immovable property
  • the encumbrances of an immovable property
  • the debts of an immovable property

2. Deadlines for registration. Must land registrars or LR offices make the registrations or entries requested within deadlines? Please, if applicable indicate which are.

According to Land Register Law requests for corroboration shall be examined not longer than within a time period of 10 days. In complicated cases, the head of a Land Register Office may extend such time period up to one month.

3. Registration fees. Please, describe the main features of payment of LR fees. If you find it useful, suggest an example of registration fees of a sale of a property valued in € 100.000 and if it’s possible a mortgage.

When registering property rights to a property state and stamp duties has to be paid. It can be done either before submission of the documents or at Land Register Office.

In an example of a sale of a property valued in € 100.000 with a mortgage, buyer has to pay:

  • stamp duty of €21 (duty for registering property rights).
  • state duty of €2000 (duty for registering a purchase deed; 2% of the sum of the purchase or cadastral value – which is higher).
  • state duty of €100 (duty for registering a mortgage; 0,1% of the sum of the mortgage).

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