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Are Land Registry and Cadastre different institutions?

The responsibility of the Cadastre are:

  • The graphical definition of the plots.
  • Graphics and crops.
  • The above-mentioned and buildings.
  • Assessment of cadastral value.

The information in Land registry consists of ownership information, mortgages, easements, encumbrances and other information written in form of notes. Cadastre is in charge of publishing the restrictions of public domain and restrictions for social interest, environmental or urban reasons.

The Land Registry information starts with information about the property that is acquired from Cadastre.

The qualification of Land Registrar is judge.

Regarding the information from both institutions, there is no integrated information, so, if every possible information is needed, it has to be requested separately.

The Cadastre is responsible for the veracity of the information that is wrong in Land Registry.

Owners of neigbouring properties do not take part in the process of defining the property.

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