Responsible Agency

1. Which agency/government body/authority is responsible for land registration?TION?

Management of Land Registers are under the jurisdiction of the Land Register departments of regional courts.

Technical maintenance of the state computerized land register lies with Court Administration, a state authority under Ministry of Justice.

2. If the responsibility for property registration is dealt with by an agency/authority, to which government department is it responsible to?

Property registration in Latvia is under judicial power and does not have a Government Department to be responsible to.

3. How is the organization managed?

In accordance with the law On judicial power, the work of a Land Registry office in parallel with fulfilling the duties of a judge are managed by the Head of the Land Registry office. He/she is appointed by the Minister for Justice for five years by co-ordination with the Council for the Judiciary.

The Minister for Justice, by co-ordination with the Council for the Judiciary may remove the Chief Judge from office before the end of the term pursuant to his or her own request or if the Chief Judge has made flagrant violations during the performance of his or her duties of office or is unable to ensure the qualitative management of the administrative work of the court.

4. Describe the organisational framework:

There are 27 Land Registry offices that operate within dedicated territory. All the decisions and registered properties in the end are entered in a central data base although each unit has an exclusive competence over its territory.

5. How is the agency/government body/authority funded?

The operational expenditure of state computerized land register is financed from the offered services. No profit can be made by offering these services to the public.

The work of Land Registry offices are financed from state budget.

6. Are the staff of the agency/government, department/authority civil servants?


7. Who is responsible for cadastral/mapping information? Is it the same organisation or a separate agency/department?

This task is delegated to a state agency State Land Service. Information can be viewed online at the website

8. What are the principal functions of the registering department/agency/authority?

The principal function of Land register is to enter immovable properties and the rights related thereto in Land Registry.

9. What are the key values/principles underpinning registration of title in your system?

  • Principle of publicity;
  • Principle of written process;
  • Principle of records;
  • Principle of certainty;
  • Principle of priorities;
  • Principle of the application;
  • Principle of consent;
  • Principle of legality;
  • Principle of public reliability.

10. What registration system of property do you have in your country (title/deed)?

A registration system of a title is in place in Latvia.

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