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1. Who are the main users of property information?

Main users are professional users, banks and financial institutions, ordinary users seeking information from land registry as well as various government authorities. Information is also available for re-use for public sector and for re-sale for private businesses.

2. How is land registry information stored? Is it in electronic or paper format?

Land Registry information is stored in an electronic format. Only the corroboration request and added documents are stored in an archive in the format they were received.

3. How is that information obtained?

Everyone can obtain Land Registry information electronically from website

4. Is the register open to the public?

The register is open to the public.

5. If not, in what circumstances is access to title information granted?

Not applicable, see answer 4.

6. Is there a fee for the information?

Yes there is a fee; EUR 4,27 per folio viewed.

7. What information is provided on the register?

Information is provided about real estate itself, separated plots of ground, modifications and deletions of servitudes and real charges, owner, basis of ownership, mortgage rights and legal basis, changes and cancellations of mortgage, encumbering rights and notifications on insolvency, creditor’s claim, restrictions, inheritance contracts etc.

8. If more information is available “off register” in what circumstances can it be accessed?

Information from Land Registry archives can be accessed in situ by writing a motivated application to the head of Land Registry office.

9. Is any information provided free of charge?

Only the information regarding properties’  presence in Land Registry is provided free of charge.

10. Is it available online?

Yes, this information is available online; it can be searched by folio id, cadastral number or address.

11. How is payment made?

Payment is made electronically. Payments in currency are not accepted.

12. How long does it take to receive property information?

Information that is accessible from website is available in a matter of seconds. Information that is requested form Land Registry archive can be accessed in a matter of days.

13. If a paper/certified copy of title information is required, how long does it take to issue?

Copy of title information can be obtained immediately. If a judge certified copy is requested, it can take up to three days.

14. Is the information linked to a map?

No but it can be traced using cadastral number here

15. How is the map accessed-at the same time as the request for title information?

This is currently not possible.

16. What other services are provided by your organisation

There are no other such services provided by Court administration or Land Register offices.

17. What other uses are being made, if any, of information held on the register?

The information is used for real estate market research by real estate companies. It is also obtained to clarify situation with specific property by interested parties. Land Registry information is also used by various state authorities, for example for decisions on granting benefits to certain persons.

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