1. Are statutes governing a condominium subject to registration or not?

2. Which statute clauses would you emphasise or consider more relevant?

3. In your LR system, if there was a statute clause or provision contrary to Law, should Land Registrars refuse registration thereof? If yes, provide an example. If not, explain briefly the reasons.

4. Formal publicity of statutes: What is the procedure to get LR information about statutes? How do interested parties look at the statute?

5. Particularly: if interested parties asked for LR information about an apartment, would information about condominium statutes also provided?

Statutes governing a condominium are not subject to registration by default since they are set by law. If changes are made with the association of owners, then, for them to gain power regarding third persons they are to be registered in Land Registry.

Since in the Law On Residential properties there is no such term as statutes, the relevant information regarding restrictions or prohibitions on certain activities or make conditions for exercising some rights within the jointly owned property are described in section «Community or association of owners«.

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