Legal effects of Registration

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A) Internal effects: effects to the right itself and the entitlement

a) Registration and the process of transfer/acquisition of property rights


Constitutive vs. declarative



Compulsory vs. voluntary



b) Effects to legitimize the owner


Legal presumptions. Registration as evidence of the right



Effects of registration and possession: adverse possession


Remedies and procedural actions derived from registration: actions derived from registration.

Claim to the Central Registrar and after it – to the court


B) External effects: effects to third parties


Negative effect: opposing effect of registered rights against non registered rights.



Positive effect. Indefeasibility principle. Bona fides effect. Requirements



C) Different kinds of registration and its effects:

a) Class of title

Register of Rights

b) Type of entry


c) First registration limitations


d) Type of information: physical data/ legal data, associated data…    

Legal data

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