1.    Are all legal rights in property capable of registration in your system? If not please state the legal rights or interests in land that must be investigated outside of the registration of title system i.e. those that could bind a bona fide purchaser for value without notice without registration?

Only the real rights to real property and restrictions on these rights, as well as legal facts relating to real property, real rights and restrictions on these rights and other notes, which are established in the Law of Real Property Register, are subject to registration.

2.    To whom does responsibility for investigation of such rights apply?

Not applicable, see answer 1

3.    What protection if any is available to parties who are bound by property rights that are not capable of being recorded on the title registration system? (For example “hidden rights” such as certain easements that may run with land without a legal requirement for registration).

Not applicable, see answer 1

4.    Are the boundaries conclusive in the registration of title system? If not, are they guaranteed by another state agency/government department/authority?

Before registering land parcels into the Real Property Register, the boundaries of parcels are designated on the cadastral map by the Centre of Registers. A licenced surveyor is responsible for the accuracy of land parcel boundaries.

5.    How does an aggrieved party remedy any boundary error?

The Law on Real Property Register states that:

  • interested persons, having learned that the data entered in the Real Property Register does not correspond the documents based on which these data were recorded, may require the territorial registrar to amend and correct inaccurate and incorrect data and supplement incomplete data;
  • technical errors may be corrected at the request of the person concerned or if the keeper of the Real Property Register has noted a mistake and if there is no reason to believe that such a correction would violate the legitimate interests of the holders of rights to the real property or third parties;
  • if the territorial registrar refuses to correct the mistakes or in case of disputes between interested persons (owners), the dispute shall be investigated by administrative court. Disputes regarding the boundaries of land parcels are settled by the National Land Service, which is a state institution taking decisions on the formation of land parcels.

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