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Are there any other registers or sources of information that it is usual to search when buying a property or lending money on mortgage?

  • The cadastre – No. The cadastre and the Register of Real Estate is the same institution.
  • Business registers – No.
  • Insolvency registers – No.
  • Registers or information held by municipalities or other local authorities ­No.
  • Information held by utility providers (water, drainage, sewage, electricity etc) – Yes.
  • Flood risk registers ­- No
  • Deeds not registered in the land register (how are these discovered?) No/Yes. There is a mark about mortgages in the Land Register, but if one wants to find out all the data regarding the mortgage he/she must get the extract from the Mortgage Register. The same applies for the property seizure acts, wills, marriage settlements.
  • Tax authorities – Yes (for legal persons only).
  • Landlord/commonhold association/management company/community of owners (especially in the case of apartments)- No.
  • Any others? Yes – data from the Citizens Register. If the seller has children under 18 he/she must get an approval from the court to sell the property.

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