1.    Are all legal rights in property capable of registration in your system? If not please state the legal rights or interests in land that must be investigated outside of the registration of title system i.e. those that could bind a bona fide purchaser for value without notice without registration?

All legal rights that are relevant for the legal status of the property (is not the same as: for the proprietors) are capable of registration in the Netherlands (article 3:17 Civil Code).

But: with a lot of rights there is no obligation to register. However, not registering does most of the times means that there’s no third-party effect.

2.    To whom does responsibility for investigation of such rights apply?

Not applicable, see answer 1.

3.    What protection if any is available to parties who are bound by property rights that are not capable of being recorded on the title registration system? (For example “hidden rights” such as certain easements that may run with land without a legal requirement for registration).

Not applicable, see answer 1.

4.    Are the boundaries conclusive in the registration of title system? If not, are they guaranteed by another state agency/government department/authority?

The boundaries are not conclusive in our registration system. However when there is a boundary conflict the court will assume that the cadastral boundary is the legal boundary, but there is still the possibility for parties to proof the contrary.

5.    How does an aggrieved party remedy any boundary error?

An aggrieved party can go to court and ask a declaration of the court that the legal boundary is different to the cadastral boudary

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