Other registers and searches

Are there any other registers or sources of information that it is usual to search when buying a property or lending money on mortgage?

  • The cadastre

Yes, land register and Cadastre are merged in the same organisation in the Netherlands.

  • Business registers

Yes, when companies are involved. This work is done by notaries. Needed to know who is competent to represent the company.

  • Insolvency registers

Yes, this work is done by notaries

  • Registers or information held by municipalities or other local authorities

Yes, this work is done by notaries. This is most of the time information about the possibilities to use the parcel and if there is permission for the erected buildings.

  • Information held by utility providers (water, drainage, sewage, electricity etc)


  • Flood risk registers


  • Deeds not registered in the land register (how are these discovered?)


  • Tax authorities

Yes, the municipality is the tax authority. It can give an indication of the value of the property in the current tax year. In the Netherlands the value of January 1st 2011 is the value that is determined for the tax year 2012.

  • Landlord/commonhold association/management company/community of owners (especially in the case of apartments)

Yes, this work is done by notaries. He especially want to know the fee the buyer has to contribute to the appartments community. And the amount of money that is reserved by the community in funds.

  • Any others?


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