Responsible Agency

1. Which agency/government body/authority is responsible for land registration?

Kadaster, a so called zelfstandig bestuursorgaan (independent administrative body) is responsible for land registration.

2. If the responsibility for property registration is dealt with by an agency/authority, to which government department is it responsible to?

The Department of Infrastructure and Environment is politically responsible for Kadaster. However the Kadaster is self-governing and is not depending on budgets of the Department of Infrastructure and Environment. The Kadaster generates it’s own income out of the tarifs asked for Kadaster’s services.

3. How is the organization managed?

There is a Board of Directors (5 directors and 1 chief executive). There’s no particular term of appointment. The current chief executive has been appointed in the year 2004. The implementation of the management structure with a Board of 6 directors has been implemented in january 2013.

4. Describe the organisational framework

There is one central service located at 1 head office in Apeldoorn and 6 branch offices in the rest of the country. There is also 1 centralised database.

5. How is the agency/government body/authority funded?

Kadaster is self – financing.  Kadaster must have a capital between 60 and 100 million euro’s. When there’s to much, then the tarifs of Kadaster services have to go down, when there’s to less the tarifs of Kadaster services have to go up.

6. Are the staff of the agency/government, department/authority civil servants?

The staff are not civil servants, but there is similar regulation that gives them the same protection that civil servants have.

  • If so are staff permanent or a combination of permanent/temporary positions?

The staff is a combination of permanent and temporary positions

  • Who has the responsibility for hiring of staff to be assigned? Is it through a central Government recruitment agency or hired directly by the agency/authority according to demand for services?

Staff is hired directly by Kadaster itself.

  • Are any of the land registration services contracted out? If yes, please state which services and type of service provider.

Some supportive ict services are outsourced. Also some standard surveying services have been outsourced.

7. Who is responsible for cadastral/mapping information? Is it the same organisation or a separate agency/department?

Kadaster is also responsible for the cadastral and mapping information

8. What are the principal functions of the registering department/agency/authority?

The principal functions of the registering authority are: to record the deeds in the land register , to apply the essentials of the deeds in the cadastre and to issue information about the deeds, the cadastre and other services that may be linked with cadastral information.

9. What are the key values/principles underpinning registration of title in your system?

The Netherlands has a so called negative system of land registration. This means that land registration does not have to be complete. There can be hidden charges. However throughout the years the information of Cadastre have become more and more reliable. Since 2008 a law has been implemented (Law on Key registers / Wet Basisregistraties) that obliges governmental bodies to use the information of Cadastre without inquiring it themselves.

10. What registration system of property do you have in your country (title/deed)?

The Netherlands has a deed system with third party protection.

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