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1. With respect to the registration of the apartments of the condominium: are there any specific formal characteristics of the registration related to the condominium or any characteristics that indicate that such apartments are subjected to a condominium, such as a formal statement, a number or other sign in the condominium or the corresponding share related to each apartment?

The apartment rights are part of our cadastral parcel registration (the Cadastre). When you look at the unique identification number of the parcel, you will notice a small difference that shows that this is an apartment right: after the number you will notice an A followed by the unique number of the apartment right.
For example: APELDOORN L 8932 A23

Besides this, the cadastral parcel is mentioned on which the apartment rights are situated, together with the name of the Vereniging van eigenaren (association of owners).
For example like this:

  • Voor in de splitsing betrokken rechten raadpleeg ontstaan uit
  • Ontstaan uit: APELDOORN L 8356
  • Vereniging van eigenaren: VERENIGING VAN EIGENAARS EKSTERWEG 2 T/M

2. Anyway, does registration of the apartment include the share of the apartment related to the global condominium?

The registration of the apartment right does not include the share of the apartment right related to the global condominium. To know the share one has to inquire the document in the Land Register.

3. What type of relationship is there between the registration of the building and the registrations of the apartments? Are the building and the apartments in absolutely separated registrations, with no connection at all?

In the Netherlands there is no separate registration of buildings. There’s only a parcel registration. This because of the rule superficies solo cedit.

4. Which physical data of the apartments are usually collected in the registration to describe the property? (Floor or storey where located, surface, boundaries, access, rooms, postal address, cadastral code).

Only the purpose for which the apartments are used are mentioned in the registration.
For example:

Omschrijving kadastraal object: WONEN (APPARTEMENT)

5. If registrations in your system refer to a plan or to the cadastral map, how (if at all) does the plan show the position (horizontal and vertical) of the apartment within the building?

In the Dutch system the apartments are not shown on the cadastral map. However: the document in the Land register contains a drawing of the building and all the units in the building that can be used exclusively by an individual owner. Also if there are units on the parcel (outside the building) that can be used exclusively by an individual owner, this is shown at the drawing.

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