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What is the legal value of land registry information delivered by your national system?

Certified information. Is the LR information partly or completely certified? If partly, could you please describe what specific information is certified?

– Non certified information

In Poland there are two possibilities:

1)      The LR information is completely certified: it happens when interested person asks the special units, called Central Information of Land Book, placed as branches at the District Courts personally in written standardised form or asks it on line to the main Central Information of Land Books. In the first case, information is given in paper with the official stamps and signatures of the clerk. In an electronic way, thanks to amendments in law (art. 36 (4) Act of 1982 on land books and mortgage) introduced since 1st July 2014, it is also possible to print certified information on-line. On-line printed copy should have special identifying informatics features, what empowers the printed copy as a public document. Certified information is always paid.

2)      The LR information is none certified: it happens when interested person searches an electronic format of a real folio via internet (Ministry of Justice official website) and prints the information without special features. Not certified information is free of charge.

In both cases interested party can apply just for indicated, concrete chapter of a folio (a resume of required sections of the folio).

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