Previous LR Information

1. In your system, before granting a deed for sale or mortgage, is it compulsory, necessary or convenient to get information from the Land Registry?

Yes, it is necessary to get information from Land Registry before granting a deed for sale or mortgage. All the data about the property, encumbrances and it’s owner is stored in the Land Registry. Before the deed is granted the notary compulsory shall check the data in the LR.

2. What type of information is requested?

The excerpt’s from the land book contains the status of the property, it’s description, name and surname of the owner (including his/her matrimonial regime) and it’s burdens (mortgages, encumbrances, judiciary charges). There are also mentioned the documents based on which the registration are made.

3. Who usually (or legally) deals with requesting this LR information? Public notaries? Solicitors? Interested parties themselves? Banks?

Public notaries, bailiffs and also interested parties themselves deal with requesting LR information.

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