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1. Who are the main users of property information?

The LR in Poland is absolutely public, the internet access is free of charge. To get information on the immovable property knowledge of the landbook number is needed – this is the only instrument of data protection. Stronger protection is given by documents – to get access to the paper record of documents one needs to prove legitimate interest.

2. How is land registry information stored? Is it in electronic or paper format?

The land registry information is stored at a central national database in electronic format.

3. How is that information obtained?

On line access – website governed by Ministry of Justice: or get from the court official certificates in paper (excerpt).

4. Is the register open to the public?

Yes, it is.

5. If not, in what circumstances is access to title information granted?

Not applicable, see answer 4.

6. Is there a fee for the information?

Cost of information (excerpt) – 7,50 EUR; the internet access is free of charge.

7. What information is provided on the register?

The data entered in the Land Register is traditionally divided by department in which they are entered. Land registration consists of four sections, which shall contain:

  • section I: Mark the property – data from the land registry
  • Section II-mark owner (s) or the rights of perpetual usufructor
  • Section III – limited property rights (excluding mortgages), the restrictions on disposal of property or perpetual usufruct and personal rights and claims related to real estates
  • Section IV – the mortgage, the exact determination of the amount, currency, scope, type, priority, and any other characteristics of the mortgage.

8. If more information is available “off register” in what circumstances can it be accessed?

There is no information off register available.

9. Is any information provided free of charge?

The internet access is free of charge.

10. Is it available online?

Yes, it is, see answer 3.

11. How is payment made?

Not applicable.

12. How long does it take to receive property information?

The court official certificates in paper (excerpt) is available in the court immediately on request (after a fee payment)

13. If a paper/certified copy of title information is required, how long does it take to issue?

The issuing of paper certificates is carried out immediately.

14. Is the information linked to a map?

The information is not linked to a map.

15. How is the map accessed-at the same time as the request for title information?

Not applicable.

16. What other services are provided by your organisation

In the area of land registry there are no other services provided.

17. What other uses are being made, if any, of information held on the register?

Not applicable.

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