1. Sort of registrations or records. Please, describe your LR system criteria regarding the type of registration applied.

PLR system is structured in a sheet based on the following taxonomy:

a) Description

In this part lies the description of the property which is the physical, economic and fiscal identification of the property.
Any modifications to physical, economic or fiscal elements of the estate shall be registered by an endorsement.

Some administrative information, like the authorization of use for urban properties (housing, commerce, etc) is registered by annotation.

If it is a building horizontally divided (condominium) the units are identified in this part, although this division also gives place to an entry in the registry (See 2 – ENTRIES).

b) Entries

In this part are all the facts registered that are still in force.

Al the registries [the ownership entry, entries relating to other real rights (usufruct, surface rights, etc.) and all charges (mortgages, liens, easements, etc)] are ordered by its presentation date (at the Diary Book).

Also, all the modifications of each entry are registered through an endorsement that identifies the modified entry.

Each entry has a number, date and time of its presentation in the Diary Book and indicates the fact registered (acquisition, mortgage, subjection of horizontal property or condominium, etc). The remaining information on each entry may be different, depending on the fact registered.

All documents that give place to a registry remain digitally stored at the land registry electronic file. Nevertheless, information on what document gave place to each registry is not visible in the land registry certificate. In any case, this information can be easily obtained at any land registry office, anywhere in the country, because every office has access to the electronic file and can issue certificates of the documents.

2. Deadlines for registration. Must land registrars or LR offices make the registrations or entries requested within deadlines? Please, if applicable indicate which are.

Portuguese land registry is mandatory, so the interested parties must request the registry in a deadline of 30 calendar days. If a notary, a bank or a government authority performs or takes part in the deed, that deadline is reduced to 8 calendar days.

The registrar assessment must be performed within 10 calendar days

3. Registration fees. Please, describe the main features of payment of LR fees. If you find it useful, suggest an example of registration fees of a sale of a property valued in € 100.000 and if it’s possible a mortgage.

The registration fees are fixed by law.

In the case of selling a property, regardless of its value, the fee is 250 €. This is also the fee of the registration of a mortgage, regardless of the amount guaranteed.

(Note that this matter is to be subject to review by the Ministry of Justice, and there may be change at any time. In any case these changes will always be subject to publication in the Official Gazette.)

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