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1. Who are the main users of property information?

Pursuant to article 104 of the Land Registry Code (LRC), anyone can apply for certificates of registry information and documents archived in the land registry office, as well as oral or written information about the contents of the registry. It is a consequence of the public nature of the land registry. There is no need to prove a legitimate interest.

Mainly the information is used by lawyers and solicitors, notaries, financial institutions and citizens seeking to establish property information.

It is also possible to use for Historical/genealogical researches.

Other Government Departments/Agencies can access the information through a dedicated direct web access to the database.

2. How is land registry information stored? Is it in electronic or paper format?

The Portuguese land registry information is stored at a central national database in electronic format.

3. How is that information obtained?

There are several ways to access information from the Portuguese Land Registry:

1 – Certificates in paper:

The land registry certificates contain the reproduction of the description and registry entries in force relating to an immovable property and information about pending requests, unless it has been requested with respect to all registry acts, including those which have ceased its effects, having expired or having been cancelled.

2 – Permanent Certificate (Online):

In Portuguese «Certidão Permanente» – made available by the Order 1513/2008. It is an online certificate, with the same content as the one in paper – all registry acts in force and the pending requests. This information is continuously updated, including all the new registries and the pending requests relating to that immovable property. To access the permanent certificate you should enter, fill in the request and the system will provide you an access code. This code allows the visualization of information through the Internet during the time period of the permanent certificate (1 year). Although it is a .pdf format, it is not a frozen image of the registry, it is continuously updated, as the pdf file is generated each time you access the information using the code.

3 – Simplified land registry information (Online):

In Portuguese Informação Predial Simplificada. It was created by the Order 54/5011. This information is not certified. It is automatically obtained from the land registry information system. It shows the essential elements of the description of the immovable property, of the person entitled to the property’s rights and charges, and indicates the existence of mortgages, attachments and any other encumbrances and charges, as well as the pending registry requests.

4 – Uncertified photocopies (on paper or in PDF format): Simple copies of the registry sheet to be obtained at the land registry office.

Land registry information can be requested in person, or by regular mail, at any land registry offices as there is no territorial jurisdiction in the Portuguese Land Registry.

Permanent Certificates and Simplified land registry information can also be requested and obtained at the web:

4. Is the register open to the public?

Portuguese land register is open to the public.

Pursuant to article 104 of the Land Registry Code (LRC), anyone can apply for certificates of registry information and archived documents, as well as oral or written information about its contents. It is a consequence of the public nature of the land registry. There is no need to prove a legitimate interest.

5. If not, in what circumstances is access to title information granted?

Not applicable, see answer 4.

6. Is there a fee for the information?

The fees for the information are:

1 – For the request and issue of paper land registry certificates:

a) Concerning a single immovable property – € 30;

b) For each extra immovable property – € 16.

2 – For each land registry permanent certificate:

a) Ordered online – € 15.

b) Ordered at registry service – € 20.

3 – For each non-certified copy:

a) In paper, per page – € 1.

b) For each digital copy in PDF format, per page – € 0.50.

4 – For each Simplified Land Registry Information (online):

a) Ordered Online – 6 €.

b) Ordered at registry service – € 10.

7. What information is provided on the register?

Portuguese land registry provides information about the description of the property, including location, boundaries and cadastral identification (area and cadastral number.

Portuguese land registry also provides information about ownership (or other rights in rem), including name, address, tax number, civil status, name of the spouse and the matrimonial regime of the owner, if it is a natural person, or firm and head quarter address, for legal persons. The registry identifies as well the acquisition title.

Land registry furthermore provides information about:

  • Mortgages, including: basis of the obligation ensured; amount of mortgage with distinction of guaranteed sums; deadline, if it is established and the identification of the mortgagee.
  • Easement: nature or basis of the right and particular properties affected by this servitude.
  • Usus or usus fructus: name of the holder/ deadline if applicable.
  • Annotations caused by Judicial Measures such as:

a) Attachment: Judge or Court that handed down the writ / Sum object of responsibility/ Name of the plaintiff/ Deadline if applicable.

b) Dispute: Judge or Court that handed down the writ / Name of the plaintiff/ Basis of the plaintiff claim/ Deadline if applicable.

c) Prohibition of disposal: Judge or Court that handed down the injunction/ Forbidden acts if they are particularly pointed/ Deadline if applicable.

8. If more information is available “off register” in what circumstances can it be accessed?

Currently there is no information off register available.

9. Is any information provided free of charge?

Only the information provided to the courts and other judicial authorities is free of charge.

10. Is it available online?

The land register information is available online through the Permanent Certificate (Online) and the Simplified land registry information (Online) (see above III 3)

11. How is payment made?

The information requested online is paid by credit card (visa) or by a payment reference (payable through ebanking if you have a Portuguese bank account).

12. How long does it take to receive property information?

Permanent Certificates (online) access code is delivered immediately on request, but consultation of the information is only available within two working days upon payment (at a Portuguese ATM or through e-banking system, or by visa card).

Simplified Immovable Property Information (online) is available immediately upon payment.

13. If a paper/certified copy of title information is required, how long does it take to issue?

The issuing of paper certificates and non-certified copies is carried out immediately.

14. Is the information linked to a map?

The information is not linked to a map.

15. How is the map accessed-at the same time as the request for title information?

Not applicable.

16. What other services are provided by your organisation

In the area of land registry there are no other services provided, but the IRN also carries other registries offices such as business and vehicles registry, nationality, natural person’s identification and civil status registry and the national registry of legal persons.

17. What other uses are being made, if any, of information held on the register?

We have no information about other uses being made of information held on the register, as one does not need to prove interest to request the information.

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