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See example of permanent certificate, with notes and additional explanations.


1. Description.

2. Condominium or not.

3. Cadastral identification.

All these 3 points shall be explained in the example certificate.

4. Degree of legal protection of the physical data.

The immovable physical data are not protected by the LR which offers its legal protection only to the registered rights and charges.

5. Is the information of this section integrated in/ provided by/ identical to/ coordinated with the Cadastre information? Describe the relationship between both information systems (Cadastre and LR)

There is no direct interoperability between Cadastre and LR, so each one of the systems provides its own information. However, the land registry description must respect the contents of the cadastre. LR information makes proof of rights and charges over immovable property. Cadastre provides information about the physical characteristics of the immovable property, including their graphical representation, and has no legal effects.


1. Owner: Name, share, and the matrimonial regime which involves this property.
2. Trustee or mortgagee in case of fiduciary mortgage.
3. Acquisition title.

These points shall be explained in the example certificate.


The Section A, B, and C structure does not fit with Portuguese system. we have a two sections certificate with an A section with description of the immovable property and a B Section with rights and charges over that immovable property.

These points shall be explained in the example certificate or in the additional information.

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