Previous LR Information

1. In your system, before granting a deed for sale or mortgage, is it compulsory, necessary or convenient to get information from the Land Registry?

For mortgages or sales of properties, a land book excerpt for authentication is compulsory. In order to admit an application, the registrar verifies if the notarial deed for sale or mortgage is drawn up based on a land book excerpt for authentication.

The existence of the above excerpt is an essential condition for registration.

2. What type of information is requested?

The land book excerpt is a public document showing the active registrations at the time of its preparation, in a standardized, pre-established form.

The content of the information is explained in detail in the «Land Registry Publicity» fact sheet.

Basically, the land book excerpt contains the status of the property: its description, who is the owner (including his/her matrimonial regime) and its burdens (such as: mortgages, encumbrances, judiciary charges). There are also mentioned the deeds based on which the registrations are made.

3. Who usually (or legally) deals with requesting this LR information? Public notaries? Solicitors? Interested parties themselves? Banks?

The land book excerpt for authentication is issued at the request of a public notary, in order to authenticate documents through which a real right is transmitted, constituted, modified or extinguished. The land book excerpt for authentication can be used only for authentication of notarial acts.

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