Presentation of applications

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Most applications for registration are presented by mail, either using the postal service or a commercial document exchange service. An application is normally presented by the solicitor acting for the buyer or the creditor, but individual citizens may also present their own applications. RoS do not accept deeds or applications for registration by FAX or e-mail.

RoS offer an Automated Registration of Title to Land (ARTL) service that allows for the electronic registration of ‘straight forward’ transactions affecting properties already registered in the Land Register.

RoS are undergoing a digital transformation, moving from a paper-based organisation to one that does everything digitally as the first option, making services greener, faster and more efficient. Until the transformation is complete however, any application for registration, in the form of paper documents, can be presented at one of the Customer Service Centres, located in either Edinburgh or Glasgow.

Where applicable, any Land and Buildings Transaction Tax requirement must be met before a deed is submitted for registration. RoS will reject any deed unless any required land transaction return has been made in relation to the transaction and any tax due in respect of the transaction has been paid.