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The Sasine Register is a register of deeds. Customers can search using names or addresses to find deeds that may be relevant to them. Customers can order copies of the deeds in question and can also view the Search Sheet (a chronological record of every deed that affects a given property). This can make it easier to determine who the current owner is and allows access to information about previous owners, mortgages and other transactions.

The Land Register is a register of rights in land. Customers can search using names or addresses to find the details of titles and pending applications for new registrations. The Land Register is gradually replacing the Sasine Register and it is expected that this process will be completed by 2024.

The following paragraphs describes some of the information that is available to customers from the Land Register.


–    A description of the plot of land by reference to the cadastral map
–    The nature of the proprietor’s right in the plot of land
–    The date of registration in the Land Register
–    The terms of any caveat
–    The area measurement of the cadastral unit where greater than 0.5 hectare


–    The name and designation of the proprietor
–    In the case of common ownership, the respective shares of the proprietors
–    The consideration or «price paid»
–    The date of entry into the plot


–    Details of the parties to any security
–    Where known, the amount borrowed under each mortgage
–    The date of registration of the security


–    Servitudes and deeds containing burdens or conditions: brief details of each right or burden, together with a link to the full text of the servitude or burden and a reference or link to the deed that created it.

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