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1. Does your national law envisage that the owners of the apartments are organised in any type of association or community to take decisions about common interests in the building or block which their apartments belong to?

2. In this case, does Law this association have a legal personality?

3. Otherwise, are these matters dealt with under the ordinary regime for co-ownership, or are there special features in these cases?

For the housing association form of condominium it is the job of the association’s board to manage the day-to-day business of the association.

The board is elected by the members at the association’s annual meeting. It is possible for association to go in liquidation either after a voluntary decision of the members or a forced one on grounds decided by law. In that case the property is sold and the members lose their condominiums and become tenants to the new landlord.

Any surplus in the association is paid out to the members when the association is dissolved. On the other hand the members of the association are personally not responsible for association’s liabilities.

For the ownership apartment type of condominium it is also the job of the board of the joint property association to manage the day-to-day business of the association.

The board is elected by the annual meeting of the members. It is not possible to liquidate this type of association as long the condominiums exist because the association is necessary for the administration of the condominiums. The members are personally responsible for the association’s liabilities.

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