There are two important types of rights that are not included in the Register.

First, The Right of Public Access gives everybody the freedom to roam the Swedish countryside. It means you can walk much anywhere in the countryside. The exceptions are to ensure that you do not disturb and do not destroy. For example, you must not intrude on the grounds of a house or cross cultivated ground.

Second, grants of lease or tenancy are valid against a new owner if the grant was made by written agreement and possession was taken prior to the transfer. They are therefore seldom registered.

Legally a registration in the Register creates a legal presumption. A question to whether an acquisition is invalid or for some other reason cannot be asserted may be adjudicated even if the acquisition has been registered. There are some special prescriptions that give the title registration the force of law. In practice it means that when someone acts in good faith and relying on register information, he is or she protected. It will either secure a bona fide acquisition or entitle the person to compensation for losses from the state.

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