An application is registered in an special register for applications that is separat from the LR. Only decisions are entered in the LR. Applications are transacted in order of presentations to the LR authority, that is an older application must de deceided before younger application concerning the same property.

Priority between competing rights are mainly decided by first application. Registered rights prevails before unregistered ones and registered rights take priority by order of the date when the registration is applied for. However, if a beneficiary of a registration was not acting in good faith such priority will not prevail before a previous transfer or grant.

For example, if A has sold the property to B, and A also also sold the same property to C, the first presented application has priority and the other transaction does not confer any right to the property if B were acting in good faith. If the document upporting the first application is defect and an application is refused a younger application can granted.

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