Responsible Agency

In Sweden Lantmäteriet, the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority, is the government authority with responsibility för cadastral service, title registration, and geographic and real property information (geodata). Lantmäteriet is responsible to the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs. Lantmäteriet has three divisions each responsible for one of the following activities.

The Cadastral Services Division has responsibility for national cadastral activities. Cadastral procedures include the formation of new property units and making changes to existing property boundaries. The division is also responsible for taking decisions concerning joint properties and easements, including utility easements.

The Land Registration Division is responsible for the examination of and registration of title transactions. The transactions contain information about ownership, mortgages and other rights that are then recorded in the Real Property Register (Register). The division also handles stamp duty and charges for handling transactions. It has seven different branch offices, and a head office. All offices can handle cases from all over the country.

The Land and Geographic Information Division are responsible for creating and providing geographic and real property data. The division also carried out standardization work as well as research and development in geodesy, cartography and geographic information systems.

Lantmäteriet is led by a board that is appointed by the government and which has responsibility for the full range of Lantmäteriet’s activities. The Director General is a board member and has responsibility for Lantmäteriet’s everyday activities in accordance with directives from the board.

Lantmäteriet has a total staff of about 2 000 (2012). The annual turnover is about SEK 1.8 billion (2012). Lantmäteriet’s revenue comes from fees (about 70 %) or grants (about 30 %) from the Government (2012).

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