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All properties are registered, that is part of both the cadastral and land register parts of the Register. Each property has a unique identity, which is common to all parts of the integrated register (and to the property taxation files). This means that the Register is based on the property designations and not title, plan or journal references (see below).

Lantmäteriet’s clients include the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the Swedish Transport Administration and the Swedish Armed Forces. Our overall largest client group is banks and local government authorities. Private persons are also an important client group.

The main principle in Sweden is that all records in government offices are open to the public. This also includes the Register as well as the underlying documents. Government offices have the same access to the records as the public. The public’s right to inspect the registers is free of charge. Copies of documents, register extracts, etc. are however charged for. Information from the Register can also be accessed on-line. The users pay for this service. An official extract for a property from the Register contains information from the Cadastral and Land Register parts as well as assessment data (which includes use of land and buildings) On-line access is instant, and the time for processing an official extract is about a week.

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