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What is the status of the Land Registrar in your country:

a) Who is responsible for performing the act of registration of property rights?

Lantmäteriet, the Swedish mapping, cadastral and land registration authority.

The Land Registration Division examines, makes decisions on and registers title transactions, mortgages, site leasehold rights and other rights that are then recorded in the Real Property Register. The division also makes decisions on and handles stamp duty and charges. Decisions are made by land registration clerks and legal advisors.

b) In case of doubt/appeal, who decides?

Appealed decisions about land registration are challenged before the Swedish courts.

c) Must he/she have a legal educational background?

Land registration clerks don’t need to have a legal education.

d) Could you characterize the act of registration as a purely administrative duty or a quasi-judicial one?


e) Is the Land Registrar independent in his/her decision making? If yes, how does your legal system assures such functional independence (i.e. the decisions are only challenged before a court).

I would need some elaboration or explanation to this question in order to answer it more properly. Please contact me if the information below is insufficient. For all immovable properties in Sweden there is one land registration authority (Lantmäteriet). Decisions about land registration are made by clerks and legal advisors. Decisions can be challenged (appealed) before the courts. Obvious errors may however be corrected by the land registry itself.

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